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Eyliden Water Jet Window Squeegee Cleaner Spray Water

Eyliden Water Jet Window Squeegee Cleaner Spray Water

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    • Microfiber Cloth Pad: Powerful Stain Removal Strong Water Absorption. Strong stain removal, strong water absorption. The white fiber can lock in the water so that the superfiber cloth ensures moisture while preventing water splashing.The blue fiber can be easily remove stains.
    • 80ML Water Tank: The 80ML water storage tank ensures that there is enough water to moisten stubborn stains during cleaning, and lightweight ensures that the cleaning will not put pressure on the hands, making it easier and more convenient.
    • Long handle and short handle 2 in 1: The short handle is installed above the long handle, just hold down the white button and pull up to remove the short handle, which is very suitable for glass cleaning at a lower level. The long handle is 130cm long and makes it easy to clean high glass without the help of a step stool.
    • 45 Degree Soft TPR Rubber design: The 45 degree Angle design makes it easier to clean the glass. The soft TPR material will not cause damage to the glass when cleaning, and avoid scratching the glass because the Rubber is too hard.
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