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Eyliden Sponge Mop & Broom and Dustpan Cleaning Set

Eyliden Sponge Mop & Broom and Dustpan Cleaning Set

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  • Eyliden Sponge Mop & Broom and Dustpan Set is your ultimate cleaning companion, perfect for both home and commercial use.
  • Sponge Mop has adjustable handle, extending from 41 to 53 inches. convenient dry-wringing with a built-in squeegee and comes complete with two sponge mop heads, making it ideal for tile floors and bathroom cleaning.
  • Eyliden Broom and Dustpan has light weight and broom is extra-tall at 52" so you will never have to bend down ever again!
  • The long broomstick will also allow you to reach every corner and spot, even under the couch, so you can keep your space spotless!
  • Broom and Dustpan Set Soft 4 Layer Angle Broom bristles: Dustpan Comes with high quality broom with bristle construction that will not absorb water, longer life, environmentally friendly fiber made from recycled PET.
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