One of the best ways to make your home feel great in the winter is to keep your space clean and cozy. Imagine kicking back with clean floors, fresh smells, and peace of mind that there’s no hidden bacteria lurking on your heavy-use areas and surfaces. With the right cleaning tools and our top five tips for better winter cleaning, you’ll be on track to a clean home you can enjoy. 

·Keep Your Floors Fresh
Let’s start with the high-traffic areas of your home—your floors! Since you’re inside more, winter is the ideal time to deep clean your floors, Can be used  our Eyliden twist Mop. Wet mop with wringer for floor cleaning so your hands never get wet. You get a deep, long-lasting clean.
Tip:When you're done, don't throw the Microfiber Mop Pads in the washing machine. Because the plastic parts above cannot be removed, we recommend that the mop refill can be replaced. You can stock up on our Eyliden Twist Mop Microfiber Mop Pads so you never miss a beat.

·Take Care of Hidden Germs
When you’re spending more time indoors, hidden germs can build up quickly, and winter is the right time to take care of them—no need to wait for spring cleaning. Deep cleaning in winter can make your home extra cozy and germ-free.
1. Check your electronics, like computers, tablets, and phones. Regular use can build up the bacteria, so clean these items regularly and safely with microfiber.
2.. Wipe down door knobs, light switches, and refrigerator or microwave handles. Anywhere hands touch can accumulate dirt and bacteria.
3. Before you sit down and watch your favorite movies or TV shows, don’t forget to clean your TV remote, too!
·Brush Away the Snow
With storms dumping ice and snow across the country this season, it’s important to have solutions to keep your walkways, entryways, and porches clean and clear. Our Eyliden 24" Heavy Duty Push Broom is perfect for outdoor use and can swivel to hit those hard to reach nooks and crannies outside your home. Use it to clear snow from your deck, sidewalks, or even drifts that blow into your garage.
That way, your home will remain cozy and welcoming, inside and out.

·Keep Entryways Clean
Keep the messes contained by using highly-durable floor mats and boot trays (if you can convince your kids to keep their boots where they belong). Keep Eyliden Spray Mop handy near entryways to spot clean paw prints, puddles, boot tracks, and dried road salt. With winter messes out of the way, you can enjoy your home even more.

·Make Your Home Smell Great
Once you’re done making your home feel great, you can make your home smell great, too. Light your favorite scented candle while you kick up your feet and enjoy a clean home. Essential oil diffusers work great too!